What’s New: Amalfi Trattoria Trivia Contest


Here’s what’s new..Our friends at Amalfi’s Trattoria are running a trivia contest over the next four weeks, and you can win a free pizza.   Listen to PPR’s broadcast and, once an hour, we will pose a weekly question, and if you are the first person to walk into Amalfi’s, at 3161 Route 22, Patterson, New York and tell Patrick the correct answer….YOU WIN!

So, listen in to 101.7 FM in the village or log in and listen live….There may be a free pizza in your future!


One thought on “What’s New: Amalfi Trattoria Trivia Contest

  • July 2, 2012 at 10:45 AM

    Love The Promotional Creativity..
    Not Trivial At All.. But.. Sharon..
    ” What Win A Pizza contest Is Amalfi’s Trattoria Restaurant Running In The Coming Weeks ” – ??

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