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Harmony Chiropractic is now a part of Suzy’s Massage Therapy and Wellness Center on Rt 22 in Patterson.  Lisa Maffucci, the owner of Harmony Chiropractic, has a doctorate in Chiropractic from the University of Bridgeport and holds an MS in human nutrition. She can also provide nutritional counseling as part of her commitment to an overall healing process and has enjoyed helping people feel better for more than eleven years.



“Chiropractic” means healing with the hands, and encompasses the philosophy that everything in the body is controlled and influenced by the central nervous system and particularly the spinal nerves. Misalignment can negatively influence healthy function throughout your body and can result in illness and muscle spasm.

Dr. Maffucci offers nutritional blood analysis, and can discuss diet, exercise, and stress management with you.  “It’s not just cracking the back,” she was quick to share with me.  “When spinal health is compromised because of mis-alignments of the spinal vertebrae or damage to the surrounding soft tissue, the body does not function as efficiently and optimally as it should, and overall health suffers.”



Dr. Maffucci does not currently participate in a health insurance plan, but will be happy to file any necessary paperwork as an out of network provider. Aside from complete chiropractic care and clinical nutrition counseling, Harmony Chiropractic can provide you with specialized pillows and supports as well as vitamins and supplements.


Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 6pm, and evening and weekend hours are available by appointment.  Dr. Maffucci can be contacted at 845-319-6097, and on the web at www.harmonyhealthnow.com Harmony Chiropractic is located at 3194 Rt. 22 in Patterson, New York.


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