The Pawling Animal Shelter



While going through the list of potential topics for my next article, I came across one that really made me think. The topic was the Pawling Animal Shelter, and the reason why it boggled my mind was that I didn’t even know Pawling had an Animal Shelter.


While doing research I realized that they don’t even have a web site. The only way I found out about the shelter was through word of mouth. The person I was directed to for information was Sandy Croyle, a life long animal lover and a person trying her hardest to get the word out about the Pawling Animal Shelter.


Sandy told me that the reason why no one knows about the shelter is because they do not have a sign on the building. Sandy told me that the shelter is located on Route 22 in the Pawling Animal Clinic. Right now the shelter has three cockier spaniels (See PPR article “The Puppy Pad”) and they are currently only accepting strays.


Sandy specifically told me that the animal shelter only puts down an animal if they feel it is absolutely necessary, and  they also have a very good success rate with finding homes for the animals they shelter. Finally, I asked Sandy if there was anything else she wanted the community to know about the shelter and she said only to help get the word out. For more information about the Pawling Animal Shelter please call them at (845)-855-3316 or call Sandy at (845)-855-3653.


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