It’s Carnival Time


For many of us, summer time is about beaches, vacations, and carnivals… and in Pawling this can’t be more true! It is carnival season in Pawling again and it promises to be better than ever!


The annual Pawling Fire Department Carnival begins Wednesday, August 1 and runs through Saturday, August 4th, from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. For community members who have been to the carnival before, there are a few changes from years past beginning with the dates. This year one additional day has been added to the festivities.


The carnival has also moved its location from Lake Side Park to the new and wonderful Pawling Green, located on Charles Colman Blvd.  For people who are new to the area and unfamiliar with this yearly event, the carnival is a big thank-you to everyone in Pawling from the Pawling Fire Department.


Fire Department volunteers will provide food and refreshments, and there will be raffles, games, rides, parades, and fireworks. Some of the more important events to look forward to include: one price for all rides on Wednesday, with Thursday being the rain date; Friday is Dutchess County Fire Parade Day, with 21 companies from all over Dutchess County coming to participate; and finally August 4th, the last day, there will be fireworks!


Profits from this event will benefit the Pawling Fire Department. Proceeds will allow them to continue all the good work they do for our community. Lastly, the Pawling Fire Department’s Chief Everett White, wants the Pawling community to know that they…“thank you for all your support.”


“The Pawling Fire Department is 100 percent volunteer. Everyone who volunteers for the Fire Department has a regular job, and each of these volunteers will drop whatever they are doing to get to the emergency whenever their pager goes off,” Chief White said.


For more information on the Pawling Fire Department Carnival or becoming a volunteer at the Pawling Fire Department please visit their website at or call Pawling Fire Departments chief Everett White at (845)-656-6132.

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