FrOGS Artists Ramble: Saturday July 27th



“A lovely time was had by all”. About 8 people met this morning and carpooled to a site on private property in Patterson. There were a couple of photographers, two oil painters, a watercolorist, and some pastellists. The levels of experience varied and people shared ideas and materials with each other. It was very productive and rewarding, and it was fun to get to know a few new fellow artists. Bill and Sheila Hamilton made us feel very welcome on their beautiful piece of property, the lawn of which runs down to the edge of Turtle Pond on Route 164 in Patterson. With the annual October FrOGS art show and celebration barely three months off, it seemed a good way to get in gear, looking at the environs of The Great Swamp and interpreting what we saw.


We are hoping to hold another session in August on the North Flow, most likely on and around the newAppalachian Trailboardwalk, then again in Sept., around the launch site at Green Chimneys beach. If you are interested in joining us call Nancy Clark at 845-878-9248 or Judy Kelley-Moberg at 845-878-7740. There is no fee but reservations are required and it will be a small size group.


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  • August 2, 2012 at 8:23 AM

    Totally Beautiful

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