A Midsummer Nights Dream… Is a Lakeside Park Delight



I totally enjoyed Midsummer Nights Dream at Lakeside Park August 11.  The production was “Two Thumbs Up”, way up.  The show truly was well done. The directing, staging, lights, sound, music and the effervescent cast were outstanding. I’ve done my fair share of Shakespeare, and I loved the 60’s interpretation.  The professionally staged production, by troupe founder, Diana Green, displayed super colorful costumes, dance, and even singing super colorful costumes, dance, and even singing.  The two-piece orchestra was very enjoyable, while providing the right ambiance for every stage emotion and movement.



Kim Blacklock, President, and Kathie Freston, Founder/Director of H.G. Fairfield should be commended for staging the production so aptly in the Lakeside Park Pavilion.  The lights and sound equipment were carefully placed just like many an off-Broadway play in New York’s Greenwich Village.


The cast was well balanced with Erin Deward in the role of the especially vibrant Titania.  Dan Hanchrow, in the role of Bottom, proved prosthetics actually add to a great performance, as he was more than engaging. The two leading ladies, Sylke Jackson and Liz Carroll, countered their love interests, Michael Stern and Yani Tsakos, quite well in this fast paced comedy of endless mayhem.



I especially enjoyed Andrew Greenway as the ominous Oberon.  His riveting eyes kept us all laughing and guessing as to how the magic potion was going to play out.  The wild 60’s theme made many a line funnier than it might have been otherwise.  Puck was superbly played by Chris Carroll.  His eye-rolling portrayal reminded me of Bill Murray, and I was rolling in the aisle with laughter.  The rest of the cast rounded out a show that provided a grand night of fun Shakespeare for all in attendance.  I’m sure everyone will agree that the classic 60’s music especially drove home the “Hippie” feel that defined and enveloped this excellent production by the Strange Bedfellows, the adult troupe af the Children’s Shakespeare Theatre.



A special note of praise goes to The Ensemble Fairies, who were over the top with zany dance and frolic. Ultimate kudos to H.G. Fairfield Arts Center for the Environment, for bringing this troupe with members hailing from The Palisades to Pawling.  We all look forward to many more offerings in the near future.




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    This Reviewer Guy, Muller..Thinks He’s Clive Barnes Or Something-??

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    Acknowledgement To Carol-Lee Kantor For Assistance In Completing This Review ( Thanks Carol )

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