Akin Hall Association Annual Meeting: Sunday August 19th, 3 pm at the Akin Library on Quaker Hill


Members and friends are warmly invited to attend the brief business meeting followed by a lively and provocative presentation by our new neighbor James A. Lebenthal,  father of our neighbor Jim Lebenthal.  Jim the Senior, with his newlywed wife Betty, have recently moved into a home on Akindale Road.  You remember Jim from years of radio and TV: “I’m Jim Lebenthal – municipal bonds are my babies….love my sewers, love my bonds Lebenthal.”

Jim, class of 1945 at Andover, graduated from Princeton in 1949 with a degree in political science.  Sowing his oats for the next 14 years,  Jim covered the movies in Hollywoodfor Life Magazine, produced “Flash The Teenage Otter” for Walt Disney, produced his own Oscar-nominated short on the adventures of a tumbleweed, wrote advertising copy at Y&R and Ogilvy and Mather, and produced televignettes for NCC-TV Emmy Award winning Update, the Teenage News Program.



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