Operation Respect Workshops Have Begun!



On August 20 and September 4 “Operation Respect”, the nationally acclaimed anti-bullying organization presented professional development workshops to 120 educators and school staff members at both Mizzentop Day School and The Pawling Central School District.   A final workshop on November 6 will be presented at Pawling High School for instructors of Pawling students in Grades K-8.

Pawling Public Radio has been and is continuing to raise funds necessary for all three workshops as a public service to the Pawling community, schools, and families, in response to the unfunded New York State anti-bullying law that went into effect on July 1, 2012.

Operation Respect workshops define the problem of persistent bullying, the effects of bullying on targeted children, and presents options to administrators, instructors, and staff that will promote empathy and compassion among the student population.

As an additional service, PPR is providing lunch to all workshop attendees, which provides an opportunity for lively discussion of presented material and formulation of questions that can be poised during the afternoon session.

Mark Weiss, Education Director for Operation Respect, is facilitator for all three workshops, bringing his expertise in the Operation Respect curriculum to our educators.  As a former high school teacher and principal for 36 years, Mr. Weiss knows the problem of bullying first hand.  His presentation of the published curriculum materials, offered free of charge to our community schools through the publishing house of McMillan Inc., has depth of understanding.

Pawling Public Radio is honored to welcome Mr. Weiss to our community, and the PPR Board and volunteers feel privileged to play a constructive role in helping to bring our schools into compliance with this new law.  PPR feels confident that we have been able to provide the very best anti-bullying resource to our schools, their teachers, administrators, and staff members.

Information about Operation Respect can be found on their web site: www.operationrespect.org




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  • September 8, 2012 at 6:30 PM

    Jimmy Muller Looking Forward To More…
    ” It Truly Is The Most Important PPR Involvement
    …. At Least Since I’ve Been Around ” !!

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