Pawling Library Walkway


You may have noticed some work going on at your local library.  Making use of the break between programs, the Pawling Library installed a new walkway in the library courtyard as well as some much need drainage.  The work was done by Dutcher Avenue Builders and paid for by money raised during the last book sale. “We have begun to use the library during off hours for story times; using the side entrance really cuts down on confusion over when we are open,“ remarked Karen DeGenero, Children’s Program Coordinator.  The library had experienced some minimal flooding over the past few winters in relation to the courtyard, so the projects were combined. Library Director Scott Jarzombek points out, “No one should have to push a stroller through the mud.  So a walkway just made sense.  Combining the two projects was a great way to cut costs.”  The timing was perfect; the most recent storm proved the renovations were a success.




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  • September 25, 2012 at 3:54 PM

    Noticed It & Walked It ( Very Nice Scott ) !!

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