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Pawling Community Services Announces Two New After-School Theatre Programs For 2012-13

ACEkids! Musical Theatre Program Jr.
Grades K-4
Instructor: Amy Emke
Pawling Elementary School Multipurpose Room
Wednesdays 3:40- 4:40 p.m.
Beginning Oct. 3, 2012
Students in grades K-4 will learn fundamental acting, singing and movement skills in weekly after-school classes through the use of theatre games, puppets and other materials.  The students will then continue developing these skills as they focus on learning and rehearsing a fairy tale musical to be performed in March 2013 at Pawling Elementary School.
ACEkids! Theatre Program- Romeo and Juliet
Grades 5-8
Instructor: Amy Emke
Pawling Middle School Music Room
Thursdays 2:30 – 4 p.m.
Beginning Oct. 4, 2012
Students in grades 5- 8 will learn the fundamentals of acting technique through the use of theatre games and improvisations.  The use of focused improvisations will help these students develop an understanding of dramatic conflict and narrative structure, as well as how to make a scene more realistic through sense-memory techniques.  Voice projection, relaxation techniques, character development and scene study will be included as the students work on developing a production of Shakepeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, to be performed in May 2013 at Pawling Middle School.
Please visit www.pawlingcommunityservices.org for more info and printable registration forms or call 855-2162.

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