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“Healthy exercise is important”


Retirement is a time to do whatever you want. This is true for sure. One thing every retirement person “ NEEDS”  to want to do is EXERCISE.

All your years of sitting at a desk have not been the best remedy for good health and longevity. Now is the time to make up for that sedentary office life. The good news is that exercise need not be a tedious chore at all. I personally am not a fitness club kind of guy. I find the standard treadmill and StairMasters a bit boring. I share with you a love of getting healthy outside whenever possible.

Retirement Man generally looks for adventurous workouts outside. In truth, there is a great deal of fun fitness to be found right in the Town Of Pawling.  Retirement Man recently went down into Pawling on a beautiful Saturday morning. If ever there was a town right out of a classic Norman Rockwell painting, it is historic and truly beautiful PawlingNew York. If you haven’t been here, you are missing a hidden treasure that has something wonderful in store for every member of your family.

On this day, Retirement Man was walking west, up Main Street, past St. Johns Church, the pizza parlor, across the railroad tracks, and right by Key Bank when he found yet another “Walter Mitty” adventure. Right there at the corner of Main & Dutcher is Pawling Cycle & Sport. Inside this quaint local store, one is immediately struck by the beautiful site of colorful Bicycles, Bicycles, and more BICYCLES!

The best thing about Pawling Cycle & Sport is shop owner, Rob, a down to earth young family man who will treat you like family. There is no fast talking salesman here. The feeling is warm and personal, the way it used to be.

Rob will discuss what your outdoor interests are and customize a fun and healthy way to match a two wheel vehicle to fit your personal fitness goals.

The Walter Mitty in me was awe struck as to how beautiful all the bicycles in Rob’s shop are. Dozens of sizes, colors, and styles fill not only the floor and the walls, but even the ceilings. There are racing bikes, mountain bikes, a nd hybrids (designed for both off road & road). You’ll find all that you need to get going, including accessories like sport clothing, helmets, biking shoes, gloves, water bottles…you name it.

Rob gives the shop a home town feel by providing a couple of comfortable chairs to sit down in to discuss the bike that is perfect for you. You certainly won’t get this type of personal attention at any big department store, that’s for sure.  Helpful Rob will even advise you on local biking trails offering various skill challenges based on your experience and desires. You can even arrange for a coach, lessons, and personalized guided tours.

Shop Owner Rob even has kayaks, paddles, and accessories. In winter, you can even obtain cross country ski equipment, advise and trail maps. It’s truly a year round shop that fits the needs of the young, old, small, and family-size person looking for some fun and needed…EXERCISE!

The prices are very reasonable for new or even rental bikes. Rob will always welcome you with a smile any time you come back with any and all problems or questions.

For the retired person, getting out and getting fit is essential for being a happy. As the saying goes “You are only as happy as you feel.” At Pawling Cycle & Sport, you’ll find the equipment that will help keep the adventurous “Walter Mitty” in you, fit, vigorous and ready for living the “good-life”.


Pawling Cycle & Sport will be moving to Rte 22, across from Abruzzi’s, in the coming weeks.  Store Hours: TUE-SAT:  10-6 & SUN:  11- 5


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    Retirement Man Encourages His Hundreds Of Readers & Listeners To Continue Following The ” Walter-Mitty ” Series. Questions Welcome

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    Remember.. Walter Mitty Muller ” Retirement Man ” Is On Facebook As Well. Do Submit Your Questions & ” WALTER ” ….Will Respond !!

  • October 3, 2012 at 9:08 AM

    Pawling Cycle & Sport has ” JUST MOVED ” to Rte 22, across from Abruzzi’s, in the former ” Great-Blue-Outfitters Bldg “.
    Store Hours: TUE-SAT: 10-6 & SUN: 11- 5. GREAT PLACE !!!

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