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Rainbows Abound at the Pawling Library

29 junior scientists and their parents joined Ms. Karen on Friday evening to explore color at the Pawling Library’s Family Science program So Many Colors in the Rainbow.  “We looked at colors and mixing colors in lots of ways using over 12 different hands-on activities.  This was an opportunity for children to ask questions about colors and find out the answers on their own,” said Ms. Karen.  “We explored sophisticated topics like chromatography, diffraction, the capillary action of water and osmosis in simple, fun and colorful ways.”





Chris Walsh, father of Lucas, 8 years and Elizabeth 6 years said, “It’s great to be able to be actively involved in science with your kids.  Mine are still talking about the experiments.”  Elizabeth favorite part was coloring the balls and watching them go down the ramp.  Her brother Lucas had no particular favorite, but said, “It was just plain awesome!”



Family Science is part of the regularly scheduled children’s programming that takes place at the Pawling Library.  Many of the science supplies used in these programs were purchased through Bullet Grant funds obtained through Senator Terrance Murphy’s office.  Ms. Karen said, “We use a lot of everyday materials, but we could never provide the same quality program without real science materials like prisms and magnifying glasses.  Even our very popular Kodos Ramp, which we use in almost every program, came from these funds.  As a program coordinator, I certainly appreciate the impact these funds have had on the quality of our programs.”

If you have never attended one of our family science programs, you might want to check out the next one.  Josephine Anderson says, “The family science programs are amazing! Very well thought out and tons of fun! They are a great way to find out how to use simple everyday items in new and exciting ways to help our kids learn!”



To find out more about our programs, visit us on the web at www.pawlinglibrary.org.

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