Science Research Students Honored in ISWEEEP Science Competition


Matthew Badia and Dawn Kershaw, seniors in the PHS Science Research Program, were selected to present their research projects at the International Sustainable World Engineering Energy Environment Project (ISWEEEP) conference in Houston, Texas.  The ISWEEEP science competition draws the brightest STEM-focused students in the world together each year for a competition that challenges students to solve the world’s most pressing engineering, energy, and environmental problems.


Student scientists from more than 60 countries and the U.S. will travel to Houston in May to compete in ISWEEEP where projects explore topics such as renewable energy, sustainable development, and medical breakthroughs.  The 4-day competition will bring students from as far away as Korea and Australia and as close by as Texas.  Of the nearly 500 students selected from the U.S. and around the world, Dawn and Matthew will be 2 of the 44 students representing New York State.


Matthew’s project, “Effects of Fluoxetine, S-Amphetamine, and Triclosan on Aquatic Life in the Hudson River” studied the effects of personal care products (PPCPs) and other synthetic materials, such as Fluoxetine, S-Amphetamine, and Triclosan, which are toxic to the ecosystem.  He used plant and animal models to examine the effects of various concentrations using  Peltandra virginica, an aquatic plant , and crayfish species native to the Hudson River.  Dawn’s project, “Extraction of Ethanol from Food Waste as an Alternative Fuel,” was also recognized by the prestigious Siemens competition when she was named a national Siemens Semifinalist for her work on the efficient extraction of ethanol to be used as a biofuel.


The Science Research Students are taught by Ms. Gillian Rinaldo as part of a 3-year program where students conduct independent research and earn college credit while working with a mentor professional in their field of research.


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