Top 10 Tips For the Evening Before Your SAT or ACT

The next SAT is on May 6th and the next ACT on June 17th.

EA Test Prep’s Top 10 Tips for the evening before the SAT/ACT:


  1. Review the EA Test Prep Strategies for each section of the ACT/SAT. Repeat the review each time you feel anxious as a reminder that you possess new, proven test-taking skills for each type of question on this exam.

Why? Reminding yourself that you have acquired these strategies helps reduce anxiety and allows you to remember the successes you have experienced using them.

  1. Do not answer any SAT/ACT practice questions the day before the exam.

Why? If you get one answer incorrect, it will cause you to worry that you will not do well on the exam. As one student said, “I got one wrong, and I felt I wasn’t going to get the score I wanted.”

  1. Don’t worry about getting a good night’s rest.

Why? You will have enough adrenaline to keep you focused during the SAT/ACT whether you have had a restful night’s sleep or not.

  1. Print out your registration slip and place it with you photo identification in a place that you can easily find in the morning.

Why? If you have a computer issue, you don’t want to have to rectify it in the morning because this will add to the tension of the day.

  1. Sharpen at least four pencils, make sure you have erasers, and replace the batteries in your calculator.

Why? If you find that the pencils, the erasers, or batteries aren’t in good- working condition in the morning, you will not have a place to purchase replacements.

  1. Pack a high protein snack (protein bar or nuts) and water for your break during the SAT/ACT.

Why? A high protein snack and water will allow you to have the calories and hydration needed for the remainder to the exam.

  1. Do not plan to wear a digital watch to the exam. If you want to wear a watch, wear an analog watch.

Why?  Digital devices are not permitted into the test room.

  1. Plan your transportation to the SAT/ACT and determine how long it will take to get there on time or five minutes early.

Why? You do not want to be rushing to the test.

  1. Repeat your EA anxiety-reducing term(s) and remind yourself to use the word(s) until the exam is complete.

Why?  These word(s) help control your anxiety, which reduces the cortisol that is released in your body.

  1. Visit www.fairtest.organd review the colleges that are “test optional.”  Identify one school that is not interested in your SAT/ACT score that you would like to attend. Imagine yourself entering as a member of that college’s freshman class.

Why? Reminding yourself that some schools are not interested in your SAT/ACT score reduces your anxiety about the test.



As always, EA Test Prep offers students the option of registering for instruction for English/Reading, Math, or both. Upcoming Registration:

  • SAT Test Prep Six -Week Sessions start date:  April 26
  • ACT Test Prep Four -Week Sessions start date: May 31
  • Transitioning to College – For Parents and Students: May 4

Contact EA Test Prep at 845-582-0017, or to learn more.



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