Bits of Inspiration: All I Want

Ever since I heard the music of Joni Mitchell’s Blue album, shared with me by my dear high school friend, Terry, I wanted to sing, play and write like Joni.


I love to sing—the thought of being able to accompany myself on guitar with the agility that she has seemed like heaven. So I tried, but because I was impatient or unwilling to put up with sounding bad for a while, I quickly gave up.


This pattern visited me several times around playing guitar and piano. Frustration too soon set in and I would stop.


There is a couple in our social circle that plays with each other regularly. I was envious of the support they give each other musically and the musical experience they get to share with each other. Pay attention to what you envy—therein lies the kernels of what you want you yourself.


My husband has always wanted to play music also—for him it was piano or banjo. So a couple of birthdays ago I got him a banjo. We have been playing together ever since, he on banjo, me on guitar. We supported each other through the phase of sounding bad, which we are barely out of….


The joy of being able to accompany myself on the guitar and sing regularly lights up my heart, and adds a new dimension to my relationship. I took the envy and used it to motivate me towards what I wanted in my life. With the support of my partner, I now have it.


So what is it you want to do creatively? The power of a partner cannot be overstated. The resistance that inevitably shows up around any creative venture is mitigated with support of another. That person will urge you on when you are not feeling like it and you will do the same for them.


“All I really want our love to do is to bring out the best in me and in you, too.”

Joni Mitchell


As we open the aperture, we see that everything we do is creative—we are creating our lives moment to moment. When we approach our lives with respect and humility, we realize that we are creating a masterpiece. One that when designed from our hearts, leads with our deepest calling, fueled by our passion, giving ourselves to the world in a way that not only enthuses us, but gives the best of our heart to the world. And that is a most beautiful thing.


So whatever it is—creating art or music that lights up your heart or creating a life for the fulfillment of it…


“Jump.” Joseph Campbell


Some favorite books of mine for supporting creativity:

Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, Walking in This World

Eric Maisel’s Fearless Creating, Coaching the Artist Within


Diane Ingram, PCC

Speaker, Author, Coach

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