Three Art East Artists to Show in July at Gallery 66 in Cold Spring

Bob Madden – Labryinth


Gallery 66NY is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibitions, featuring the work of fiber artist Karen Madden and stone sculptor Bob Madden, and painters Colleen Kavana and Nicole Hughes.     The exhibition will open July 7th and continue through July 30th, 2017. An opening reception will be held on July 7th from 6- 9pm.

Married for over 30 years, the Madden’s have travelled extensively around the world through Europe, Asia, South America, and have drawn inspiration from many exotic locations including Iceland, Hawaii, and Easter Island.   Their respective art forms of fiber and stone give them very different perspectives on the world and have in the past lead to interesting cooperative and collaborative works and shows.    For this show, “Of the Earth” the Madden’s have each created an entirely new set of works displaying and embodying a spirit of reverence and awe for the planet.

For “Of the Earth” Karen Madden has taken her experimental approach of fiber art to a new level, applying a process oriented approach to layering and integrating wool fibers together to create works with diverse and engaging topographical features that abstractly suggest majestic mountain ranges, glacial lagoons, lava pools, and other awe inspiring geographical features of the planet we share.   The macro scale of the work is breathtaking, but it’s the emphasis on texture that she achieves in mixing wool with other fibers and materials that sets her work apart from traditional fiber art.   Karen’s experimental use of non-felting fibers integrated with wool has resulted in a new artform that offers beauty of an abstract vision of a scenic vista married to fascination on the micro scale of how the diverse materials have integrated to create the overall effect.

Stone, the humble raw material for Bob Madden’s sculptures, is by its very nature “Of the Earth”.   Bob has a reverence for this common material from the earth and looks for ways to give it a voice, unlock the beauty of stone, and help it tell a story.  The inspirations for Bob’s work often have mythological or historical references which weave themselves into the finished work.    Stone sculpture is an ancient artform dating back to prehistoric times and as such it requires stone artists to bring new and fresh interpretations of the medium.   Bob Madden’s unique approach is to create a body of work made up of beautifully crafted sculptures from different types of stone where the unifying elements of his work are negative spaces or openings in the stone, impossible elements of balance, and mind twisting curvatures and shapes that defy description.   The result is a stone sculpture that demands to be touched and caressed.

Karen Madden and Bob Madden are both nationally recognized artists with works from their jointly owned Rock and A Soft Place Studios appearing in galleries, museums, and public collections around the United States.

Colleen Kavana paints in abstract form the transparencies and transgressions of emotion in “Self Portrait.”  Kavana draws conclusions from all that is around us, non-objective, non-representational, totally reliant on the elements of society and life as subject, to better understand all around her.  Each of her pieces are titled giving reference to an aversion, or acceptance in life for the artist.   The series of works embraces the full development of the artist, drawing a self-portrait inclusive of underlining cracks and flaws, having sifted through thought derived over many years of bold contemplation.  The often-asked question, “Do we change life? Or Does life change us?”  The answer lies in final repair, a self-portrait of acceptance through the raw emotion of oil, acrylic and gesso, juxtaposing emotion into bold strokes and spaces of confinement.

Nicole Hughes explores her “Creative Pursuits” through pencil, chalks, oils, acrylics and resin.  Her brilliantly colored pieces resemble the veins of landscapes.  Bold strokes of color combined with the gloss of resin invite the viewer to dive into the art pieces.  Her artwork is a collection of colors which blend and highlight each other.  Each piece goes through a number of phases over the time of creating until it feels perfect in color, shading, texture and overall feel.  The intention of her pieces may not be clear leaving the viewer in complete control of what they see and the interpretation of the art.  Her work has been featured in many east coast galleries.

Exhibits will be on view July 7th and continue through July 30th, 2017. An opening reception will be held on July 7th from 6- 9pm.  Gallery 66 NY is located at 66 Main Street in Cold Spring, NY.  Gallery hours 12-6 Friday – Sunday or by appointment. For more information contact Gallery Director: Barbara Galazzo (845) 809-5838


Karen Madden – Untitled 2


Nicole Hughes – Ariel



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