Pawling Summer Camp

From swimming, to playing on-the-spot developed games, to riding bikes throughout the park, the Town of Pawling Summer Camp has evolved and changed with its campers.

There’s nothing better than going to camp with classmates your child may not interact with every day. As one of the few original campers, meaning I’ve gone to camp from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, and have been a counselor for four summers now, I get it. From the night before complaints about not wanting to go to camp because ‘my friends aren’t going’ and the morning of ‘can’t I just stay home?’ questions to the joyful smiles and excitement after the first day pick-up.

Camp is almost indescribable because every child gets something different out of it. For some, it’s difficult to make new friends, but once they figure out they can, everything changes and camp becomes something they look forward to. It’s amazing to watch kids who don’t know each other or don’t even go to school together become such good friends just because they are at camp together.

When a child looks up at me and says, ‘I’m glad I came!’ I know I’ve done my job. As a counselor, I’m not there to get mad or put kids in timeout; I’m there to make sure they can have the best summer ever.

This year we added Bike Day to the fun, which is when all campers in 5th-8th grade brought in their bikes. Bike Day was a hit back when I was a camper, but we retired it for a few years. To be able to bring it back and share with the kids something I loved about camp was amazing. The kids all had a blast and it really improved the momentum of camp this year, along with the ice-cream truck that visits every Thursday, which the kids cannot get enough of. The selections are endless with shaved ice, custard, ice cream sandwiches, and so much more.

As someone who truly enjoys and loves working at camp I’m a little biased in saying this, however, if you’ve ever considered sending your son or daughter to summer camp, send them to the Town of Pawling Summer Camp, right in your own backyard. Here, they’ll be with their classmates, make new friends they’ll have for years to come in and outside of school, and have the best summer they’ve ever had.


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