@The JCC in Sherman Ct

TAT Workshops with Helen Brazil

Relationships Alone & With Others 


Sponsored by: The JCC in Sherman

 4-Week Series | Wednesdays February 7-28 | 11AM-12PM

4-week Series In Advance $120 | $35 Per Drop In


 Join us at the JCC in Sherman with Helen Brazil while she does a 4-week TAT workshop dealing with Relationships Alone and with Others. TAT is a therapeutic approach geared to help us live in greater inner peace and freedom. It’s a precious pearl allowing us to advance in the midst of life’s challenges with greater ease. It can contribute to healing on different levels in many areas where we feel stuck (sadness, fear, post-traumatic difficulties, apparently hopeless situations …)


These series of TAT workshops are specially tailored to help us live happier, more peaceful relationships in our day-to-day existence.


This 4 week series is on Wednesdays February 7 –February 28th from 11AM-12PM. The class costs $120 for the 4 weeks or you can drop in for $35. Please register online by Monday, January 5th by going to our website www.jccinsherman.org.  For any more information please call or email us at 860-355-8050 or info@jccinsherman.org.


Helen was born and raised in the French countryside, close to nature and animals. She was raised by a mother who was also a nurse and who treated her childhood ailments with plants, essential oils, homeopathy and healing clay.


Her professional life started by working with children and then with people in difficult social situations.


She quickly became aware that in order to help others, she needed to work on herself and be professionally trained in specific modalities. She became certified in Reiki, EFT and TAT®, having also trained personally with Tapas Fleming, creator of TAT.


While in initial training, she began to develop her own intuitive energy healing work, integrating elements from acupressure, Aroma-chromotherapy, shamanism, etc…


Today, as an energy therapist, Helen proposes both TAT sessions and Intuitive Energy Healing.


Helen’s passion is freedom and is nourished each day by her own life experience and her desire to be happy, in peace and in good health.



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