Lisa’s Concert Review: Dark Desert Eagles

So I move near Portland, Maine, in the winter, and one of my first concerns are, “what kind of concerts can I see up there?” C’mon! I have my priorities!  I should have known not to worry – everyone plays up here, or close by in Boston. I’m encouraged by the artists I see coming to the far north, northeast.

I decided to try out a small club in Portland last weekend called Aura. The band playing was called the “Dark Desert Eagles” and they were an Eagles cover/tribute band. The background of the set was a huge projection of the skull from the 1975 album cover of One of These Nights. The Eagles are one of those sacred bands that I listened to with my dad when I was a kid.  We played their albums over and over and whenever I hear those songs, I’m brought back to my childhood in a flash. So, you can imagine my trepidation. I figured I would go because I wanted to check out the venue and because I just love every song the Eagles have ever written. It couldn’t be that bad, right?

Pat Badger, the lead singer, who was an original member of the multi-platinum rock band Extreme (More than Words), set out to form the Dark Desert Eagles band after Glenn Frey passed away suddenly in early 2016 and Don Henley originally claimed that the band was done. Badger is an enormous fan of The Eagles’ music and vocal harmonies. He recruited a bunch of his ex-band mates and fellow alumni from Berklee College of Music to join. Each of the musicians in the Dark Desert Eagles re-creates the amazing harmonies and music of The Eagles – as well as each of their personalities!

“But just pulling off the music is just part of it.” Badger says on the band’s website, “We really want to bring the audience back in time to the 70s! The image is almost as important as the music and we have really paid attention to detail on the wardrobe, the hairstyles, the guitars… everything that made the Eagles so cool!”

I have to say, I was very entertained. They weren’t just playing the Eagles music, they were acting like the Eagles – and they were good!

They played many, many songs such as “Take It Easy”, “Witchy Woman”, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”, “Desperado”, “Tequila Sunrise”, “Already Gone”, “One of These Nights”, “Lyin’ Eyes”, “Take It to the Limit”, “Hotel California”, as well as several hits from the Eagles’ members solo careers (like Joe Walsh and Don Henley).

I was completely entertained and was singing along with every song – as was my 26 year old daughter who accompanied me. It was an enjoyable experience to have shared with her!

The band is from L.A. so if they are touring near your town, check them out! And of course, if the Eagles come to your town – yes, they are touring this year with Vince Gill and Deacon Frey (Glenn’s son) – you better catch them while you can!

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