Lisa’s Concert Reviews: The Outlaws@Daryl’s House

A trip back to NJ last weekend for a surprise party included a date with one of my besties to see The Outlaws perform at Daryl’s House in Pawling, NY.  The show was sold out but my friend was able to score two tickets for us – in the front row, no less. I have seen the band a few times before and they never disappoint.

There is something so awesome about sitting right in front of the stage at this intimate venue. The Outlaws are one of those groups that have the same sound that they always have – their voices are still great and they can still play with amazing intensity and excitement. They continue to mix country, rock and roll and bluegrass into a jammin’, super-session.

I found out a few new things about the band this time around. One, is that lead singer Henry Paul is a local boy – sort of – he is from Kingston, NY and shouted out his gratitude to his sister and other fans who showed up to watch them play. Paul spoke a lot about the relationship The Outlaws had with Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd and thanked Ronnie and the band for their support throughout the years. The Outlaws opened for them on many occasions. Of course; we lost Ronnie and two other members of the band in that fateful 1977 plane crash.

And yes, the songs! It was their 1978 album “Bring It Back Alive” that made me a lifelong fan so I was pleased to hear five famous songs from the double album. The band was very much in sync with each other from the beginning with “There Goes Another Love Song“. They continued to jam with “Hurry Sundown“, “Hidin’ Out in Tennessee“, “Song In the Breeze” and “Free Born Man“. When they played “Grey Ghost“, Henry Paul once again mentioned Ronnie Van Zant and Lynyrd Skynyrd and thanked them for their encouragement and commented on how much we all miss those rock legends that we have lost.

They played five more songs before an incredible rendition of “Green Grass and High Times Forever“. They finished the 2-hour set with “Ghost Riders in the Sky” that brought the entire venue to its feet yet again.

They sound as good to me as they sounded each time I have seen them – actually they seem to get even better with age. If you get the opportunity to see this band, you should – they are a true Southern Rock legend. And you should definitely make a point to see a show at Daryl’s House in Pawling, NY. The club’s schedule is on their website: and is suited to all genres of musical tastes.

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