WPWL Tower Construction Completed: YES!!!

Update 4/12: The antenna has been installed on our 140′ tower! The cable has to be connected to the transmitter, which will happen this weekend. Stay tuned to 103.7 for a stronger signal here in the Harlem Valley


Update 4/3: Unfortunately nothing new to report. With all the crappy weather we’ve had, we’re still waiting for temperatures to get a little warmer and winds to remain light.  That will allow our guy to climb the 140′ tower and install the antenna.   The temporary antenna is still operating but not giving the coverage the new installation will provide.


Update 1/15: Due to lousy weather, our installer is recommending we hold off on installing the antenna until March.  While very disappointing to us, safety is our main consideration.  We have installed a temporary antenna which will provide limited coverage on 103.7.


Updated 12/30:  We are currently waiting for a break in the weather so the antenna can be installed.  There’s about one day’s worth of work left to complete this job, then we’ll be on the air at 103.7.  Right now it’s internet only!!

Pawling Public Radio/WPWL is happy to announce the completion of their radio tower at its transmission site in Wingdale, NY. This project began in 2011, when WPWL applied for and was granted a license from the FCC to establish a low power FM radio station.  Prior to the completion a temporary tower (20′) was being used until the main tower was completed.


“The completion of the tower brings us one step closer to providing the southeastern part of Dutchess County, Putnam, and Western Connecticut with an information outlet, which has been lacking for a long time,” said Bill Bonecutter, chair of Pawling Public Radio. “Our expectation is that we’ll be able to reach 40,000 plus people.”


The 140’ galvanized steel tower was installed in 10-foot sections by local resident Ray Higgins owner of Radio Echo Communications Inc. (www.echocomm.com). The next step is to install the antenna and cables, and dig the trench that will protect the cables. Once this happens, the station will announce its “on air” status at 103.7FM and on its website. It took approximately five days and two to three men in not so favorable weather to complete the construction.


Money for the tower purchase and its construction comes in large part from grants and private donations. Membership dues, and fundraising are also very important. The PPR/WPWL Board also acknowledges the hard work and dedication of its contributors, and current and past board members.


“This was a team effort,” Mike Shustak, vice chair, and co-head of the tower project noted. “Many of our friends, contributors, and board members have donated either financially or given their time in various ways along the way. I’ve been speaking about this for almost 4 years and it’s finally near completion,” Shustak added.


WPWL is hoping to rent space on the tower to anyone who needs to add an antenna for better communication here in the Harlem Valley. This will also offset some of the costs for upgrades and maintenance to the tower in the future. Currently, programing can be heard via continuous live streaming on this website.


Pawling Public Radio is located at 26 East Main Street, Pawling; and is a 501(c) (3) organization. Donations are tax deductible. To reach the station with comments and suggestions, e-mail PPR at info@pawlingpublicradio.com.

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