Engineer’s Report

Latest news and information about the station engineering. This page will be a up to date source of information about PPR’s station build-out which includes recording studio progress and transmitter(s) status.


08-15-17  Excavation began last fall at the tower site and will be completed by the end of August, 2017.  We will purchase a Rohn 45G Tower measuring 140 feet in the next week or two.

Tower construction is likely to begin in mid-September this year and it our our hope to be broadcasting will normal power on 103.7 sometime in October of this year.



01-09-16: All equipment for the rack at the transmitter site have been installed and are up and running. The installation went smoothly as anticipated.

The FCC has changed the rules pertaining the operation of LPFM’s; we will no longer be required to take readings off the transmitter; if the transmitter malfunctions we will still be required to take action. Transmitter operating logs will no longer be required at the station; we will keep a log at the transmitter site to notate any work that takes place there. Program logs will still be required to be maintained along with a quarterly print out of all EAS alerts/tests that occur. We will also be required to have a complete copy of the FCC Rules & Regulations at the studio location and the engineer on duty will be required to contact the Chief Engineer or his designee should the FCC pay a visit to our offices during normal business hours to inspect our records/transmitter site.


11-21-15: The necessary permits to construct the tower have been applied for and it is hoped that this will be completed by late winter by the latest. Once that is achieved, construction of the tower can commence.

The rack for the transmitter has been purchased and delivered to the transmitter; we plan on installing it this very day. It will require us to take the transmitter off the air for an undetermined period of time.

Work on the training module has progressed satisfactory; both myself and Mike Berquist have the basics in the program completed. Some fine tuning will be needed however we have time before the classes commence.

07-25-15: Construction has begun on the transmitter site. To date we have achieved the following:

We had the building cleaned and sanitized before we did any work. This was necessary due to animals making nest and a mess in the building. The workers wasted no time and had the entire building done within an hour and a half. A big thanks for Susan Stone for making the arrangements to have this done in a crunch situation.

Installation of power to the site. In order to accomplish getting it into the building, we had to hire a new electrician who has worked out very nicely. He has spent considerable time getting electric into the building, replaced a broken breaker panel switch with a temporary one until we can find one of the same. The problem is that the switch is no longer made and a new replacement would cost between 2-3 thousand dollars. He is hopeful that he can find a rebuilt one for a fraction of the cost. The exterior outlet needs to be repaired. It most likely needs a new ground fault outlet installed at minimal cost. Our electrician will address it in the near future.

03-25-15: Dover Town Board approves a resolution to proceed with tower construction plan. Full environmental study to follow.


10-09-14: PPR receives approval on it’s new call letters: WPWL-LP on 103.7

10-1-14: After disappointing news regarding the destruction of the existing tower last November, we have ramped up our efforts to raise money to build a new tower… A Kickstarter campaign will begin soon.  Ten months left to get on the air!!!

2-14-14:PPR receives news that our FCC application for a construction permit has been approved. We have 18 months to get the station on air at 103.7.  Needless to say we are happy as clams!!

11-13-13: PPR has submitted the FCC application to become a LPFM(Low Power FM) broadcast station.  We are expecting to hear submission results during the first quarter of 2014.  Stay Tuned!

9-17-13: PPR is completing the process required by the FCC to get a LPFM(Low Power FM) license.  Also, we recently purchased a new mixing board and other hardware that allows us to take telephone calls directly during our experimental live broadcasts and will enable us to record our local talent and contributors more efficiently.

9-6-13: After seven years of preparation, Pawling Public Radio has begun the task of filling out the long and complicated application for FCC licensing.  On August first, PPR board members submitted the initial application to their filing consultant, NEXUS Communications, located in Texas.

Mr. Leo Ashcraft, President of Nexus Communications was tapped by PPR 20 months ago, when news of the impending FCC application filing window was announced.  Since that time, Mr. Ashcraft has provided information to PPR leadership regarding important dates, timely information, and FCC requirements for licensing.  Nexus will complete the engineering portion of the application, as well as assure all information submitted by PPR is accurately presented.

The official FCC filing application is due the week of October 15th, and the PPR Board of Directors expect to have their paperwork completed well in advance of this very important deadline.

Having spent the last several years making sure they were in complete compliance with FCC regulations for Low Power FM community licensing, Pawling Public Radio expects a positive outcome from their application, and hopes to be awarded a construction permit from the FCC, which is the next step in the official licensing process.  They will then have 18 months to complete the purchase of all required equipment and to build or find space on an already existing antenna tower within a specified radius of their Pawling studio at 26 East Main Street in the Village.

One tower option is located on Pleasant Ridge Road in Wingdale.


7-16-13: PPR recently purchased two new high end microphones and an AIR1 mixing board.  This board has the added capabilities we will need to broadcast live, record multi person interviews and bands, take live calls and much more.  We’ve redone our studio area to better accommodate the needs of our engineer, interviewers, and interviewees.  The FCC has issued applications for licensing which we are in the process of completing.  The week of October 15th is when the FCC meets to determine who gets licensed.

3.29.13: PPRs engineering committee is looking into  equipment upgrades in advance of licensing application this October.  New microphones are on order, and a new mixer is in the works.  We are looking into equipment that is portable in order to take to community events, and also with the capability of recording music at the studio.

Antenna locations are being explored with the possibility of renting space on an already existing antenna that serves the area.

A studio build out with a separate space for engineering purposes is also well as assure all information submitted by PPR is accurately presented.


9-19-12: We are in the process of repairing our am signal.  Once complete, the am signal will reach more listeners.


7-21-12:  Over 3000 website hits over the past 30 days on our website.  Thank you all for taking a look.  Also, we raised the antenna on the roof hoping to increase our signal, but ran into some difficulty.  Hope to have the problem fixed in August.


12-12-11 : We began live streaming.  You can now listen to the station with CD quality sound.  In the near future we will broadcasting  on a am frequency yet to be determined.

9.19.2011- Hired a company in preparation of becoming a 100 Watt station. This will enable us to expand our broadcasting range into western Connecticut, Putnam County, and further west and north into Dutchess County.  New laws will allow the licensing of more LPFM (low power FM) stations.  We believe the window for a license will open in 2012, and we want to have all our ducks in a row, so when the time comes, we’ll be ready to move ahead.

Also, we are playing regularly scheduled music along with local programming and our website is averaging between 1500-2000 hits per month, with over 800 unique hits per month…Thank you!!

6.15.11 – Several changes made to the website to streamline the reader’s experience. Notable updates include the main menu (which now features a directory of our business supporters and an updated photo gallery and archive), and the sidebar (which now includes an easy way to access our article archives, several new ways to follow Pawling Public Radio, and an organized links section.)

2.28.11 – PPR starts accepting online sponsor spots. There has been much interest since the projects inception but we wanted to put together a very appealing plan for our sponsors. If you would like to sponsor PPR please send email to

1.19.11 – Added first embedded audio into article.

1.08.11 – Lots going on!

  • 26 East Main street next to CVS
  • New iMac workstation with audio editing software installed and working.
  • Mixer(s) and Mic(s) in the studio and working.
  • Internet, phone and cable installed in new space.
  • Had festive music playing over the holiday, now have some classic rock in the queue.
  • Working on soundproofing the current studio room (researching)
  • Have authentic RCA console that will be installed in the office.
  • Started recording interviews and will be playing them on the air soon.
  • Working on some other very big items that are exciting!

9.23.2010 – On the air 101.7 – hoping this will be home for PPR Part15 transmitter in the village.

  • 101.7 – Please email signal/audio reports
  • Tested remote TX audio over IP with 100% success.

9.10.2010 – Back on the air 89.3 Mhz. 280 min rotation.
9.7.2010 – Transmitter off the air – moving equipment to a more permanent location.
9.3.2010 – Initial Testing of Part15 FM Transmitter. Testing Freq 89.3mhz. Please send signal and audio reports to PPR Engineering The current coverage seems to cover the Village fairly well. Please remember part15 transmitters are very low power 0.01 watt. Additionally, this frequency can change at any moment as continued testing progresses. All changes/updates will be noted here.

9.3.2010 – Installed Station Automation Software – Initial Testing Begins

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