Hitchen Up

Hosts Bill and Jim cover all things trailer and trailering-related. Join the two experts for thoughtful discussions regarding trailer maintenance, care, and responsible ownership of all kinds off trailers on and off the road. The chemistry and passion of the hosts on their topic makes this show informative and educational. Hosted by Jim Delancey and Bill Rosvalley.

Jim Delancey is a lifelong Resident of New Milford, Connecticut. He is also an Air Force Veteran with service in Southeast Asia, Thailand, and Vietnam. After military service, Jim remained active in veteran’s affairs and currently serves as the Connecticut provost for the VFW. In that role, he is also actively engaged in the partnership between the VFW and the Boy Scouts of America. Jim has been involved in Campgrounds and RV maintenance since the early 1970’s. For over 20 years, he owned and operated Carmel Camper Center which was engaged in camping trailer rental, service, and sales as well as utility and horse trailer service. During that time, he has owned, operated, serviced and maintained numerous trailers including: camping, utility, flatbed, box and commercial trailers. Jim is also a diesel mechanic who has serviced over the road tractors and trailers.

Bill Rosvally is a lifelong resident of Westchester County New York. He started camping as a member of the Boy Scouts of America in the early 1970’s. He also enjoyed buying and repairing 1960’s vintage cars. Bill took up trailer camping with his family in the early 1990’s. He soon recognized the value of understanding the dynamics of the trailers he was using, the relationship between a trailer its tow vehicle and maintaining both the trailer and tow vehicle. He has since owned and operated camping trailers from pop-ups to 32 foot fully contained campers as well as flatbed and box utility trailers and various sized and capacity tow vehicles.

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