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The Dizzy Parker Show is my unique perspective on this wild and crazy world! My hope is to simultaneously entertain and inspire the listener with a little realism intertwined with my humorous slant on all things including current events, social media and daily observations. I also happen to be a child of the 90’s so I feel like I have a particularly interesting viewpoint on the way things have changed in the world. I see color where others do not and enjoy putting a positive…spin…on what others my deem negative things in life. It also seems as though there are a few cooky characters I have brought along with me for the ride! Tune in and let’s have some fun!


My name is Dizzy Parker and I came to New York from a small town in North Carolina. This small town was much too small for the size of my dreams so I made a journey to turn my life around. I am musician, motivational speaker, personal trainer, and most of all, a Christian! I made this huge change to further my goals in music and entertainment and somewhere along the way, my mission to change my life became a mission to help others do the same. Every aspect of my world is devoted to reaching others. My music, online presence, training, and now, radio personality all work together hopefully to remind others that this life is theirs for the taking and we only get one chance to make it everything that it is meant to be.


  • Saturday - 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm


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