Third Party Line

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Join Bill Bonecutter as he calls his 92 year old mother Dorthea in California for a weekly chat on WPWL’s Third Party Line.

Years ago, in fact decades, it was common that the telephone line ringing in your home was also shared with other houses in your neighborhood. It rang in one, two, three or more other households. It was polite not to listen in on other family’s conversations, but everyone did now and then!
Third Party Line is your chance to listen in on our conversation, in fact we hope you do!

During the show, you can listen to Dorthea’s recollections of growing up on the Great Plains of Colorado at the foot of Pike’s Peak.
One of eleven children, we share her journey, along with her family and friends, as they dance, sing, read, listen to the radio and grow up during the Depression through WWII.

Third Party Line is full of music, laughter, dancing, some tears and great story telling about a time gone by of what life in America was like 80 to 90 years ago.



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