Carol-Lee Kantor

Active member of PPR for the past eleven years, Carol-Lee holds a B.S. from Boston University, an M.S, from Western Connecticut State University and an M.S.W. from Yeshiva University. She has worked for local as well as national non-profit organizations as teacher, cultural arts administrator, social worker, program director/developer, grants writer, publicist and fundraiser. A volunteer since childhood, Carol-Lee was active in Community Theater for over forty- five years. Currently, she serves on the Boards of Pawling Shakespeare Club and Mended Hearts of Putnam County and is a volunteer driver for Pawling Resource Center. Carol-Lee and Joseph, her husband, have lived in Holmes, NY since 1975. They have three grown children and seven grandchildren. She produces and hosts live, “Community Focus” weekly (interviews with community and school members and Local Artists) and “Divine Divas and Friends” (bi-weekly program about women vocalists/songwriters and their music). Carol-Lee, a painter, is also a member of Art East, supporting local artists. She also serves on Fund Raising, Education and Program Committees at PPR.