Zach Silva
Engineer & Trustee

Zach Silva is a proud Board Member, Engineer, Digital Manager and Show Host at Pawling Public Radio began volunteering at the station as a High School student at Trinity-Pawling School until he graduated in 2010. Zach, a graduate of Northwestern University, earned his Masters’Degree in Leadership for the Creative Enterprises and Bachelors’ in Communications and International Studies. He currently works full time in the Concerts Department at Agency for the Performing Arts in Midtown Manhattan and oversees Saturday operations at Pawling Public Radio, including hosting his own show “Melophobia”. Further career experience includes working in various roles in the music industry with companies such as Sony Music Entertainment, The Capitol Theatre, ‘stache media/ RED Distribution and Jeff McClusky and Associates. An avid fan of Music History, Zach was instrumental in helping Pawling Public Radio acquire a physical music collection which includes over 10,000 45 singles and over 1,000 CDs.