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Jim Muller

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  1. Carol-Lee Kantor says:

    wonderful article, Jim Question: Was the trip organized by GBO or did you organize the trip yourself? How many kayakers were there? Sounds very beautiful. Carol-Lee Kantor

  2. jamuller says:

    Carol…My Interested Retirement Man Reader Friend,

    The Trip Was An Independent One. I Am Experienced, As Is My 23 Year Old Son Kevin. We Had Two Kayaks. GBO Transported Us & The Kayaks Via Truck To A Convenient Patterson Launch Point ( Near The Railroad Station ). We Had A Funtastic 3 Hours Of Exercise & Nature.

    Thanks For Your Interest ( Walter Mitty Muller, Retirement Man )

  3. jamuller says:

    Retirement Man.. Encourages His Many Readers & Listeners To Voice Their Thoughts, Opinions & Questions. Walter Mitty Muller, The Original ” Retirement-Man ” …Will Respond As Promptly As Possibe.

  4. jamuller says:

    Retirement Man, “Walter Mitty” Muller Now Understands That The Future Growth Of The Series, May Lead To A ” Dear Abbey ” Type Format.

  5. Susan Stone says:

    Great article, Jim…Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day!

  6. jamuller says:

    Thanks To All Who Are Posting Interest In ” The Walter Mitty, Retirement Series “…Especially On Facebook. Thanks ” Walter ” !!

  7. jamuller says:

    Questions & Advice Still Ongoing,On Facebook. Thanks To All Those Following The ” Walter Mitty, Retirement Series “. More To Come…

  8. jamuller says:

    There Is Still Time To Kayak the Great Swamp ..In Sept & Oct !!!

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