Dr. J’s Jazz Emporium

Dr. Judith Schlesinger (aka Dr. J) is a psychologist, author, jazz critic and musician. She spent three decades as a therapist and university professor while writing interviews, columns, and reviews for the world’s largest jazz website, www.allaboutjazz.com. (For several years, she was also the chick singer of her own quartet.) Loving all good music, Judith has produced acclaimed CDs for jazz, R&B, and Brazilian artists, and is delighted to count many fine musicians among her friends. In Dr. J’s Jazz Emporium listeners will hear from some of these folks along with their music, getting a backstage look at how it all comes together. There will also be solo shows on such themes as comedy and jazz, music and stress, the sadly underfamous, and the celebrated geniuses we have lost. But whatever the format, the goal is to be informative, surprising, and– most of all– fun. Dr. J’s theme music — “Ditty for Ms. de’Medici” — was written for her by bassist/composer Sean Smith, in gratitude for co-producing his 2011 “Trust” album. It’s a reference to the Renaissance patrons of the arts.

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